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Historic St. Pete Inc's mission begins with saving a very important building to allow the opportunity for the space to be restored and enjoyed for many generations to come. The Historic YMCA Building is our priority project and we need your help. Please contact us on ways we can close on this cherished landmark!


We are dedicated to fully reviving the rich historical significance of this very rare 1926 structure back to its original 5-Story Mediterranean Revivalist architectural splendor. Then redesigning the space for music and arts programs plus community building special events that will make this building once again a vibrant and well visited landmark.


Multiple special events and options for the community to participate in both music and the arts are planned that will assist keeping this place a special one. Whether one attends a performance or participates in a myriad of learning opportunities: The Historic YMCA Building can once again benefit St. Petersburg and the entire Tampa Bay Region.


In 1926, the St. Petersburg community rallied to contribute $550,000 to build this one-of-a-kind landmark. We believe this same community will once again rally to save and fully restore her. Let’s not allow a wrecking ball to demolish another icon of our city’s rich architecturally significant history!

How you can help
Never A Demo

Historic St. Pete Inc. is a collective of professionals "married to a mission" to save the Historic YMCA Building from demolition by assisting the purchase, restoration and preservation of this locally cherished and officially designated historic landmark. Our ultimate goal is to preserve its integrity for many generations to come by ensuring that its primary uses benefit the community of St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay Region.

  • 2706 Central Avenue
  • St. Petersburg, FL 33712
  • (727) 551-4153


Whether you enjoy a loud jam packed rock show or a more acoustic and intimately connected gathering, the concerts we plan to host at the new Historic YMCA Building will be one that satisfies even the most selective of music tastes. The special events held here will be as vast as the imagination can create. Weddings/Bar Mitzvah's, Sporting Events and Games, Civic, Business & Community functions all will be welcome here.

All Ages and Incomes

In addition to the vibrant calender of events planned for the future, we are currently working now hosting fundraisers and a concert series for outreach programs (such as free group music lessons) that will assist early music education and music therapy for our community's less fortunate.

We hope to never have to turn away one child who wants to learn to play an instrument nor one elderly person hurting who desires music therapy just because they cannot afford it.

To learn more how you can participate in these programs now please contact us and one of our team members will get right back with you.

We are Historic St. Pete.

We truly care and it shows!

  • (727) 551-4153
  • Phase #1

    Assist saving this beautiful building from current or future demolition plans and/or private development concepts.

  • Phase #2

    Assist the restoration efforts by bringing back the rich architectural significance of this rare 1926 Mediterranean revivalist masterpiece!

  • Exquisite examples of Mayan, English, Cuban, Spanish and American Indian art can be found throughout this building’s unique interior along with peaky cypress beams, ornate plaster, hand placed tile pool and courtyard, towering gymnasium, roof top tower, and a large-scale basement. This one-of-a-kind historically registered community funded building radiates with character and is worthy of total restoration!

  • Phase #3

    Assist the continued preservation efforts of this beautiful building and assure the residents of this great city that we will NEVER demolish The Historic YMCA Building but will work daily to guarantee its primary uses complement the entire community of Tampa Bay with public access available for all.

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